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Rates & Revenue Management

Our intuitive, multi-award-winning hotel and hospitality management software, with built-in CRM, is aimed at hotels and the hospitality industry and we offer a fully integrated hotel and hospitality management solution to manage the hotel’s revenue management, rewards & loyalty functions.

Rate & Revenue Manager

Ratality’s multi-award winning, innovative Rate & Revenue Manager allows you to implement revenue management and dynamic pricing in your business to maximises revenue opportunities.


Set up your seasons, booking classes, fare buckets and business rules for each route, departure, room type or hotel. The system will automatically generate daily unconstrained forecasted demand for each future departure or night and will recommend rate and inventory levels based on user-defined business rules.

Manually override any recommendation or run promotions for specific routes, room types or sales channels. Easily create, filter and export reports based on forecasted demand and booking levels for any future route, departure, hotel, room type or sales category.

Rate Manager.png

Loyalty & Rewards Manager

Our multi-award-winning intuitive Loyalty & Rewards Manager tool will ensure you maximise value to your clients. Setup and maintain your tier levels, reward levels and exchange rates internally.


Create and manage vouchers and gift loads, including saving stamps, which can be used to do a partial or full payment of tickets.


Our integrated CRM and Communications Manager allows you to communicate with clients, drivers and passengers at the click of a button.

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