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This module is aimed at developing effective managerial skills essential to success in the hospitality industry. Topics include how to recruit, select, and train; increase productivity; control labour costs; communicate effectively; manage conflict and change; and use time management techniques. The importance of self-development to enable career progression is emphasised.

Supervision in the Hospitality Industry

    • Fundamental management responsibilities.
    • Effective on-the-job communication.
    • Recruitment of new employees.
    • The importance of training within an organisation and the manager’s role in training.
    • Forecast business volume using the base adjustment forecasting method and the moving average forecasting method.
    • Employee coaching, counselling, and disciplining. Components of a progressive disciplinary programme
    • Managers as team leaders.
    • Increasing employee participation in department activities.
    • Time management
    • Describe actions that managers can take to minimise employee resistance to change.
    • Ongoing personal development and the importance of a personal career development plan.
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