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This programme introduces students to the world of spas, taking a comprehensive look at subjects ranging from the history and cultural development of spas to spa terminology and financial realities. Other areas include retail management and general supervision.

Spa Management Specialisation- AHLEI 5 Course Package

    • A general introduction to the world of spa, spa terminology, financial realities, qualities of outstanding service, industry trends and future directions.
    • General introduction to the hospitality industry, including an overview of the service industry and different hotel types and pricing
    • Retail operations management of spas, design, products, retail planning, inventory management, sales and service, and marketing within the spa environment.
    • Developing effective managerial skills, staff employment and training.
    • Effective communication, time management techniques, manage conflict and change.
    • Financial management for Spas, inventory, income statements, ratio analysis, pricing, operations budgeting, revenue management, and business plan development.
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