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This course introduces students to the world of spas, taking a comprehensive look at subjects ranging from the history and cultural development of spas, to spa terminology and financial realities. The course takes students through a typical day from a spa director’s perspective, examines the qualities of outstanding service, and discusses industry trends and future directions.

Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction

    • Types of spas and spa-goer, spa philosophy and the integration of mind, body, and spirit.
    • Spa practices and traditions in various world cultures throughout history.
    • Evolution of the spa industry and the influence of spa on contemporary society.
    • Social, market, technology, treatment, industry, and environmental trends in the spa industry.
    • Achieving superior service by creating memorable experiences.
    • Various treatments in the areas of massage, fitness, hydrotherapy, body treatments, and skin care.
    • Revenue and cost centers
    • Career opportunities in the spa industry.
    • The job role of resort, destination, and day spa directors.
    • Leadership strategies and skills.
    • Ethical issues that affect spas.
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