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This course will give students a basic understanding of the purchasing function in the food service sectors. Students will learn about the ways in which value can be added by members of the food service distribution channel, the necessary elements of purchase specifications, and how to select and evaluate distributor partners. The module also covers ethics, group purchasing, and electronic purchasing methods, and food safety and defence issues.

Purchasing for Food Service Operations

    • The importance of the purchasing function and the primary and secondary members of the food service distribution channel.
    • Food service segments, food service process flow.
    • The purchasing control point, and the role of internal customers in purchasing.
    • Steps in the purchasing process, the skills, knowledge, and behaviour required in purchasing personnel, and the role of food service operator ethics in purchasing.
    • Purchase specifications and the purchase order system, pricing and cost controls, and the ordering process.
    • Food defence and security considerations for food service operations.
    • Distributor partners describe the process to select distributor partners, and explain the essentials of ethics from a distributor’s perspective.
    • Safety, food defence, and security considerations for distributors.
    • Buyer-distributor relationships.
    • The audit trail and procedures necessary for effective inventory controls.
    • Distribution systems through which various food and beverage products are purchased.
    • Purchase specifications for various food and beverage products.
    • Inspection and grading processes.
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