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Learn the most up-to-date control processes used to reduce costs in food and beverage operations worldwide. Topics include information on multi-unit management, and technology applications. This course also includes cutting-edge resources for food and beverage professionals.

Planning and Control in Food and Beverage Operations

    • Commercial and non-commercial food service operations.
    • Distinguishing revenue centres from support centres in hospitality organisations.
    • Control procedures aimed at helping managers assess operational results.
    • Food service control points.
    • The operating budget as a planning and control tool.
    • Factors that influence menu planning strategies.
    • Standard yields for food products.
    • Calculation of standard portion costs and standard dinner costs for food items on the basis of standard recipes and standard portion sizes.
    • Factors influencing the purchasing of food products.
    • Physical and perpetual inventory systems and turnover rate.
    • Automated technology applications designed for inventory management.
    • Food production requirements and planning.
    • The FIFO, LIFO, actual cost, and weighted average methods to calculate the value of products in inventory.
    • Server banking and cashier banking systems.
    • Using point-of-sale reports as revenue control tools.
    • Reduction of theft.
    • Orientation programs, training programs, and employee performance evaluations.
    • Fixed and variable labour in relation to food and beverage operations.
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