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This course covers beverage service and the management thereof, aimed at enhancing profitability with a focus on marketing. Legal issues related to responsible alcohol service are dealt with. Other topics include control systems, hiring and training, and essential information on a wide range of local and international beverage products. The importance of product knowledge is emphasised throughout.

Managing Service in Food and Beverage Operations

    • Food and beverage trends affecting bars.
    • The process involved in beverage service.
    • Types of beverage establishments and the major types of beverages they serve.
    • Beverage staff positions, duties of a beverage server and a bartender.
    • Rituals and procedures associated with the service of coffee, tea, beer, wine, and champagne.
    • Signs of intoxication and explain how a “traffic light” system is used to monitor consumption.
    • Leadership practices and skills essential to being an effective leader.
    • Control points of a bar operation.
    • Marketing and sales of beer, wine, and spirits.
    • The beer making process, storage, and handling.
    • Mixology basics, including standard recipes and methods of mixing drinks.
    • Types of wines and explain the wine-making process, from the pressing of grapes to the storage of bottled wine.
    • Procedures for tasting and judging wines.
    • Explain the classification and labelling systems for wine in South Africa and other countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and the United States.
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