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This module explores management and leadership issues in the hospitality industry, including power and empowerment, communication, goal setting, high performance teams, diversity, managing organisational change, and strategic career planning. Students learn that they shouldn’t manage without leading as well as why traditional management theories don’t fit today’s industry.

Leadership and Management in the Hospitality Industry

    • Organisational change.
    • The functions of management.
    • Contemporary views of leadership.
    • Quality management.
    • Continuous-improvement process and tools.
    • Types and sources of organisational and personal power.
    • The communication process, and barriers to effective communication.
    • Goal-setting, coaching and handling organisational conflict
    • Team development.
    • The changing work force and diversity
    • Analysing your personal skills, interests, values, and personality type.
    • Ethics and common ethical issues in the hospitality industry.
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