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This course examines the management of the physical plant of a hospitality operation. The course takes a systems approach to hospitality facilities issues, while also considering the various functional spaces within a property. Current trends and issues insofar as facilities management and design are also covered. Students will learn how technology can streamline operations procedures, how to balance environmental concerns with guest satisfaction, and how to communicate effectively with hotel maintenance personnel.

Hospitality Facilities Management and Design

    • Roles played by hospitality facilities facility operating costs.
    • Types of maintenance and the goals of maintenance management systems.
    • Computerised and Internet-based facilities management.
    • Facilities- related concerns associated with guestrooms and corridors, public space, recreation and exterior areas, back-of-house areas, and the building’s structure and exterior.
    • Sustainability and its role in the overall business strategy.
    • Reducing occupational injury.
    • Water usage levels, water and wastewater systems.
    • Electrical systems, system design and operating standards.
    • The elements of human comfort and how HVAC systems affect this comfort.
    • Lighting systems.
    • Laundry equipment and the maintenance requirements of an on-premises laundry.
    • Food preparation equipment, cooking equipment, and sanitation equipment.
    • Problems associated with a building’s structure, finishes, and exterior facilities.
    • The hotel development process.
    • Renovation of hospitality buildings.
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