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This programme aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to persue careers in the restaurant and Food & Beverage field.  Students will learn about the challenges that face food and beverage operations, procedures used in the purchasing process, and an understanding of food safety and risk management.


Qualifying learners will, through a combination of academic and work-integrated learning, acquire the necessary competencies required to fulfil roles in lower or middle-management positions within food and beverage industry.

Higher Certificate in Food and Beverage Management (NQF Level 5)

    • A systems approach to food safety that answers public health concerns, reduces sanitation risks, and ensures satisfactory standards for food establishment guests.
    • How to build business through effective marketing strategies, how to satisfy the food-quality and nutritional demands of guests, and how to increase profits by maximising service, productivity, and the use of technology.
    • Develop effective managerial skills; how to recruit; increase productivity; control labour costs; communicate effectively; and manage conflict and change.
    • Methods in which value can be added by members of the food service distribution channel, the necessary elements of purchase specifications, and how to select and evaluate distributor partners.
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