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Students achieving the specialisation package in Food and Beverage Management are competent to apply hospitality-specific frontline and management skills within the food and beverage department. Additional areas covered include supervision, food safety, planning and control for food and beverage operations, and purchasing.

Food and Beverage Specialisation- AHLEI 5 Course Package

    • A systems approach to food safety, reduces sanitation risks, and ensures satisfactory standards for food establishments.
    • Management of food and beverage operation, planning, maximising service, productivity, and the use of technology
    • Purchasing function in the food service sector, purchase specifications, distributor partners, and using electronic purchasing methods.
    • Developing effective managerial skills, staff employment and training.
    • Effective communication, time management techniques, manage conflict and change.
    • Planning, implementation, and evaluation of food and beverage operations
    • Planning and control to satisfy food-quality, maximising service and productivity through the use of technology.
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