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Learners who complete this programme will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, core abilities and the underlying theory that would be required of them in the field of modern Hospitality Management. This programme aims to emphasize professionalism, leadership and strong management discipline, and to lay a foundation for future career advancement in the hospitality industry.


This programme will allow students to reach their full potential, develop their knowledge and skills and enter a competitive and challenging workplace environment with confidence based on the required competence and knowledge.

Diploma in Hospitality Management with AHLEI Recognition

    • Communication skills in the workplace.
    • Life skills for personal and professional development.
    • Health and safety measures in the workplace.
    • Understand and apply general business management principles and disciplines within the hospitality environment.
    • Apply food and beverage management principles and practices within a hospitality environment.
    • Understand and apply practices and management of rooms division within hospitality environments.
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