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This course provides a thorough look at club management, introducing general club management and governance, leadership, marketing, and human resources, and such operational areas as food and beverage operations, entertainment, financial management, club technology, and sports and recreation programs.

Contemporary Club Management

    • Private clubs and club membership categories.
    • Private club organizational structures.
    • The roles that boards of directors and general managers play in private clubs.
    • Effective leadership techniques for club managers.
    • Strategic planning.
    • Marketing in private clubs, buyer behaviour and marketing mix.
    • Membership marketing and the role of the membership director.
    • Human resource management including recruitment, selection, orientation, performance appraisals, and discipline.
    • Training and development including assessment, socialisation, and training at all employee levels in a club.
    • Effective communication skills for club managers.
    • Food and beverage operations in clubs.
    • Management of entertainment needs.
    • Financial documents in clubs and budgeting.
    • Computer technologies employed in clubs.
    • Facilities management
    • Golf operations
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