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This programme introduces a thorough look at club management, introducing students to general club management and governance, leadership, marketing, and human resources, and such operational areas as food and beverage operations, entertainment, financial management, club technology, and sports and recreation programs.

Club Management Specialisation- AHLEI 5 Course Package

    • Developing effective managerial skills, staff employment and training.
    • Effective communication, time management techniques, manage conflict and change.
    • Planning, implementation, and evaluation of food and beverage operations
    • Planning and control to satisfy food-quality, maximising service and productivity through the use of technology.
    • Systematic approach to human resources management in the hospitality industry.
    • An introduction to the complex world of private club management.
    • Insights into facility management responsibilities at a private club, sustainability, building projects, and quality assessments.
    • Managing housekeeping operations, managing staff, planning, and organising the daily activities.
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