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The basic fire fighting short learning course was designed to assist with the prevention of fires in the workplace.

The course covers all the fundamentals of fire prevention and management of fires should they occur, the course has been developed with all staff in mind, from housekeeping through to maintenance employees.

The course teaches employees how to prevent fires, react when finding a fire, how to handle the emergency and lastly fight the fire, all whist ensuring safety is paramount. We will also conduct a fire drill to put the students new skills to the test.

Basic Fire Fighting - 1 Day Course

    • Introduction
    • Elements of Fire
    • Types of Fire
    • Conditions of Fire
    • Sources of Heat
    • The Ways Heat and Fire Spread
    • Fire Hazards
    • General Preventative Measures
    • Fire Fighting Equipment
    • Stages of Fire
    • Fire Behaviour
    • Emergency Procedures
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