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Efficient housekeeping operations are a business imperative for any lodging operation. This module provides a thorough overview of housekeeping operations, which include hiring and retaining a quality staff, planning and organising the daily activities of the department, including the technical details required for cleaning each area of a typical lodging establishment.

Accounting for Hospitality Managers

    • The role of housekeeping in a hospitality operation.
    • Environmentally friendly procedures for sustainable housekeeping.
    • Plan and organise the work of the hospitality housekeeping department.
    • The role executive housekeeper in managing human resource concerns such as diversity, turnover, recruitment, selection, training, scheduling, and motivation.
    • Managing inventories for linens, uniforms, guest loan items, machines and equipment, cleaning supplies, and guest supplies.
    • Budgeting and control of expenses in the housekeeping department.
    • Security concerns and the role that the members of the housekeeping department play in creating a safe and secure property.
    • Laundry operations.
    • Guestroom cleaning including room assignments, inspections and turndown service.
    • Describe the selection and care considerations for beds, linens, and uniforms.
    • Cleaning and maintenance of different types of carpeting and floors.
    • Areas of a guest bathroom and how to select and care for each element.
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