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We offer individuals and companies the very best in hospitality education. Through our tailor made short learning courses, we will equip students with the theoretical knowledge, whilst building practical application skills. Our internationally accredited online courses are available for individuals and companies who want to increase their hospitality skill set through a range of higher level courses


As a one stop shop service provider, we are pleased to provide you with our full hospitality solution to take care of your ‘day to day’ business requirements allowing you to manage your operations more efficiently.


As hospitality and environmental experts, we offer consultancy services for all your operational requirements.



The Delta Training Academy was established with the intention of developing Botswana into the benchmark of African hospitality. With Botswana being amongst the world’s top tourism destinations, it is imperative that a well-rounded service standard of high quality expertise in hospitality, environmental sustainability and customer service is provided to meet the expectations of the industry. Our core mandate focuses on improving service efficiency within the hospitality sector, whilst maximizing operations efficiency and minimizing costs for the client.

The Delta Training Academy applies innovative ways regarding its services. Having developed and obtained affiliations with some of Africa’s leading companies into the hospitality and environmental education space, as well as software and environmental systems, we are able to offer various ways of training and implementation of our curriculum. A paper free operation leading to the preservation of our world for a sustainable future.



Plot 448 Unit 10 The Village, Maun Botswana 

Tel: +267 75 838 902

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